The moment is finally here our contestants are in their corners ready to come out swinging.  This is our second podcast battle and we couldn't be more excited.  John from The Dork Of All Trades Podcast is joined by Joey DiCarlo and Markellus Ragans from the So Wizard Podcast professing their dire hatred for the Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill. In the opposite corner Fans On Patrol welcomes Bdemdown from the Cult 45 The Movie Podcast on to our squad representing our strong like for the movie.   You the listener decide on who wins the argument.  Our regular segments include in the news and what we're watching. Sit back relax and get ready for the battle!

00:30 Intro
09:31 In The News
17:12 What Were Watching 
29:42 A Not So Civil War, Man of Steel

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