Going Solo Episode 192

Going Solo Episode 192

On this week's show, on this week’s show we have the long-awaited, we have Solo a Star Wars Story with very special guest Markellus Reagan from SoWizard Podcast.  We discussed some Spiderman news and also some Jason Momoa Crow reboot news. It looks like they started shooting Top Gun 2 find out how the game feels about it. We have the showdown of all showdowns of Star Wars trivia, when Mark takes on Montago to a knockdown,drag out fight to the death!  We also take a look at the new Marvel comics Lando Calrissian series in the comics.Reach us at fans@fansonpatrol.com directly or via social media on twitter, Facebook and Instagram @fansonpatrolWe are on Spotify, Stitcher, Satchel, Googleplay, Podbean, TuneIn, and Apple podcast where you can give us a review that helps the show and if you do Tiffobot will give your review a review on air

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