On this week show, we have an anime from blade runner 2049. We are not ready to do the Kingsman movie yet ;however, we do have have some news from the director.  Everyone is talking about James Cameron's the Avatar project.  This week we have fans in translation, And a Star Trek, comic.  For everything Fans on Patrol go to Fansonpatrol.com . Reach us at fans@fansonpatrol.com directly or via social media on twitter, facebook and Instagram @fansonpatrol . We are on Stitcher, Satchel, Googleplay, Podbean, TuneIn and Itunes where you can give us a review that helps the show and if you do Tiffobot will give your review a review on the air


00:30 INTRO

4:32 in the news

27:34 fans in translation

35:35 in the comics

42:14 Star Trekdiscovering.jpg

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