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This is the Big One!  Fans on Patrol exclusive coverage and commentary of 2014 San Diego Comic Con! We have lots of announcements, reactions and fan love for all of nerdom. We also...

Part two of our hard hitting Comic Con 2014 coverage, also our very special in studio guest professional Cos player "Cinnamon"!

This week the guys have in studio Cynthia Larson from Lake Erie Ink. Cynthia talks about  the work that her organization does continuing to fuel the new up-and-coming geek nation. ...

Check out the guys taking about Rise of Planet of the Apes as well as the news stories of the week.

Patriotic Films #13

This week the guys discuss their favorite patriotic movies, as well as their usual topics of video games, comics, and new stories. Check it out and give them your thoughts.

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